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“How does the mission resonate with me and my values?  I love the energy of new beginnings.  First days of school, new year (calendar or lunar) and new ventures--all full of visions and possibilities.  These energize and motivate me to work towards success.  In that respect, I probably have much in common with many of the Founders that I’m lucky enough to interact with as an active investor.  However, my prior professional successes, all have something in common:  none were ‘solo efforts’.  Each and every one were enhanced by the relationships developed and team (informal or formal) I had I assembled to achieve success.  More powerful than any VC’s network are his or her relationships--with Founders, other VCs, [counterparties 1-3].  I believe that no one is successful in a vacuum and, In fact, relationships amplify the impact one has in achieving one’s goals.  In building Otundi, I hope to [replicate] that effect both in the African founders/teams/cohorts we support and in the investment firm I am leading.  I wanted to put the focus squarely on the founders and walk the talk myself by building Otundi itself--a high performing team building a permanent institution..